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Land Clearing

Our experience and dedication

Our team—along with forestry mowers, bobcats, whole tree chippers and stump grinders—make quick work of your lot/land clearing projects. Your site will be a clean, empty palette for you to construct on in no time. Decades of construction projects have given us the understanding that timelines mean everything. Since tree clearing is the first step of the construction process, we strive to get your project started off right!

How we preserve your trees

We know the importance of trees and boundaries, so we protect the trees that you want to remain and safeguard the integrity of the site. We clear what needs to be removed while protecting what needs to stay. We carefully preserve trees on residential, development, and construction sites.

We ensure preservation by fencing off root zones, which protects the tree system from above and below grade. Additionally, we create “cushion” zones for transversing unexcavated areas, thus protecting root systems from heavy equipment traffic.

Forestry Mowing

With the effort of mowing your lawn, we mow down your forest

We clear large tracks of land using our Econ forestry mowers, capable of mowing trees upwards of four feet in diameter. We commonly mow trees between twelve to eighteen inches in diameter without having to stop. With the effort of mowing your lawn, we mow down your forest.

Right of Way Clearing

Right of Way Clearing

We're creating beautiful and safe environments throughout Michigan cities and communities. We combine our expertise and decades of experience with our heavy machinery for safe and effective right-of-way clearing. When roadways, power lines and pedestrians converge, we are the trusted source for keeping everyone safe during tree removal projects.

Time efficiency with machinery

Our forestry mower and brush hog equipment cuts down on the time it takes to clear your land. Contact us to discuss your project and learn how we can get it done. 


Trusted by cities across Michigan

We frequently provide tree services to cities across the state of Michigan—but don't just take our word for it. Joe Sulak, the Grand Rapids Superintendent of the Department of Parks and Recreations, recently said about our work:

"I appreciate how the crews of New Life Arboricultural Services communicate both with city officers and to the homeowners and residents of our city. Their care for the clients and trees is evident in all they do."

What we can do

Hazard tree identification, powerline clearance, emergency storm damage, planting

Commercial Services

What we can do for you.

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