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Tree Care & Fertilization

Treatment through prevention

The most cost effective, environmentally friendly way to treat tree issues is by preventing such issues. Healthy, well-cared-for trees are more resistant to insect, fungal and environmental stress.

Long-term care plans tailored to your site

We carefully evaluate each site and develop a custom long-term care and management proposal to ensure continued vitality.

Maintaining your investment

As with your four-step lawn care plan, trees also require routine care. Unfortunately trees, which take generations to establish and are of significant value, are often overlooked until it is too late. We create a mindful, cost effective fertilization program to save this incredible asset for years to come.



Landscape Ornamental

All trees are different—like people, they are not one-size-fits-all. As such, there are many factors associated with pruning plans, including location, tree value, tree health, and the tree's longterm placement in the landscape. Proper pruning and care often serves as the first line of defense in storm damage prevention.

Landscape Mature Tree

Mature tree pruning is done with a scientific approach to ensure the longterm health of landmark trees. We understand that mature trees have become integral to the landscape over generations, so we treat them with the attention and care they deserve. Depending on the circumstances, we will employ aerial lifts, bucket trucks, and/or skilled climbers.


Our attention to detail

Whether it be a Christmas tree or a sequoia, we pay great attention to detail in every single take-down. Dissecting a large tree while maintaining the integrity of the landscape below is always on the forefront of every worker's mind during the removal process.


Safety is our #1 priority

Our certified arborists, climbers and sawmen are uniquely skilled to create the safest environment for you, your structure and the surrounding landscape.

Removals come with options

We can leave the wood for you in the form of logs, custom split firewood or broadcast chips. Just as well, we can remove all of the wood from your property.

Stump Grinding

  • Includes Stumps, ground cover, surface roots

  • Option in tree removal or as a stand alone service.

  • Custom grind depth

  • Grinding includes going beyond the trunk to flatten the root flare any surface

    roots nearby. “Chasing” roots to improve a manicured lawn is also an option.

  • The most economical option is to leave “grindings” on site. These are a

    combination of dirt and fine shavings often used as mulching material. This option does not guarantee the requested depth on large diameter stumps, due to the volume of debris created.

  • Full clean up option includes removal of all debris and replacement of top soil with premium grass seed. This option also guarantees the depth requested.


Tree replacement/Single tree planting

Our experienced arborists are experienced with all things “Tree” which makes us uniquely qualified to provide insight on vegetation replacement. Each Spring and Fall offers an opportunity for replacement of removals. Thus (or thereby) improving our clients properties with the planting of new trees. As we have been entrusted with the ongoing maintenance of the trees we will choose the best structures from the available nursery stock and offer insight into best landscape planting locations to ensure the tree will continue to thrive for years to come.


Bulk forest planting

  • We create natural green space environments through bulk planting of

    mature diverse species. We have economical options for large scale


  • Young tree or sapling planting/reforestation; native, 2’-3’ height, planted in

    mass quantities

Mitigation Planting

Many construction projects involving tree removal require mitigation planting. We have the ability to design and implement mitigation proposals, while being mindful of expense. We understand this is not the primary focus of the budget and work to help keep those costs in check. Where possible we turn the required aspect of mitigation into a long term asset to the property.

Residential Services

What we can do for you.

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